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Our Sustainability Mission
We believe in leading by example and our commitment to sustainability is no exception. As a company we have the opportunity and responsibility to minimize our impact and restore the environment where possible and it starts with our own operations.

We will implement meaningful sustainability solutions based on both innovative and proven technologies that will increase the success of our operations and serve as a demonstration to our Customers. Our sustainability commitment is to the society that provides our company with educated employees, Customers, our Customer's customers, and a governmental structure in which to do business; and to the environment that supports society and provides the ecosystem services upon which all life depends

Cortec will continually evaluate the impact of its activities, processes, and behaviors on the environment to identify which activities, processes, or behaviors cause the greatest impact and mitigate where possible.
We will evaluate not only the impact of our operations but also the impact across our entire value chain. We will use this approach to identify our most significant impacts and costs associated with those impacts. We will then identify alternatives for reducing environmental impacts while also reducing cost.

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