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Facility List
ASSEMBLY (ISO 8 - Class 100000)

• 10,000 sq. ft. assembly area
• Electrical, Mechanical & electromechanical assembly facility
• Technical & manufacturing engineering support

• Branson 2024 detergent wash/DI water wash/rinse system


• 1 gowning room
•  2 ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanrooms for orbital welding/gas line welding and assembly
• 1 ISO 6 (Class 1000) cleanroom for assembly and packaging
•  1 ISO 7 (Class 10000) cleanroom for value-add assembly


• Internet access bundle - fiber optic (FO) connection
• E-mail: cortec@cortecprecision.com
• Web: www.cortecprecision.com
• FTP capabilities

• Amada AP100US 2013
• Amada SheetWork for Unfold #D Solid Sheet Metal CAD System
• Amada Dr. Abe Tube, Fabriwin 2013 CAD/CAM System
• In-house Engineering
• Bar Code Scheduling and Job Tracking
• Computer Networking Systems

• Two 36” Timesavers with dust collectors
• One 12 foot stroke sander
• 2' x 2' x 4’ bead blaster
• Torex T-6026 vibratory tumbler
• A complete assortment of metal finishing equipment
• Three 6’ stroke sander
• Lissmac - grainer with oscillating brushes
• AllSource 41800 Bead Blaster

• Two Amada HD1003NT - 100 ton, 10’ bed length, with 6 axis back gauge control, plus Astro ATC automatic tool changers
• Amada HDS 1303NT - 143 ton, 10' bed length, 5-axis back gauge
• Four Amada RG 80 ton brakes complete with numerical, three axis NC back gauge controls
• Amada RG 35 ton brake, complete with numerical, three axis NC back gauge control
• Amada RG 50 ton brake, complete with numerical, three axis NC back gauge control
• Amada RG100 10 ft. 100 ton brake, complete with numerical three axis NC back gauge control  (10’ capacity)
• Amada RG 3512 brake complete with numerical, three axis NC back gauge control
• Amada RG 5020 brake complete with numerical, three axis NC back gauge control
• 2 Acra FRP-5016 power rollers, (50” capacity)
• GMC PER-0510 power roller, (60” capacity)
• Amada RG 100S 100ton, with numeric 3 axis back gauge control
• Amada HD 51303 130 ton brake, 10ft.


•Two Hager HP6 hardware inserters complete with auto feed and accessories
•Three Hager 824 Plus hardware inserters with auto feed
•BP Blue Pneumatic Spin-Pull-SPin Ultra BP-60


• Amada Pulsar MP1212 Production Laser System for precision cutting of stainless steel, cold roll steel and aluminum
• Amada FO MII RI 3015, 4,000 watt, state of the art laser system for precision cutting of stainless steel up to .500” thick, aluminum up to .250”  thick and hot rolled steel up to .750” thick on a 60” X 120” capacity pallet changing rack system.
• Amada FO MII RI, the Rotary Index allow to cut bowed  pipe or tubing and a significantly wider variety of tubing  and pipe without the use of fixtures or collets. This machine can process round, square, , rectangle, C-channel, and angle iron. Productivity is further enhanced with the use of Dr. Abe_Tube software. Many common shapes and configurations are already pre-programmed making it very easy to fabricate tubular structures that fit together for welding. 
• Amada LC 3015 F1 NT Faster piercing and cutting by using linear drives in all three axes. Superb cutting quality with sharp corners over the full thickness range. Cut Process Monitoring improves process time and part quality by pierce detection and by monitoring cut process. Amada AMS 3015 attachment Designed to meet the new demands placed on manufacturers for small lot sizes, quick turnaround, and lower part costs. AMS 3015 in conjunction with the FO 3015 laser meets these goals by automating material handling, automating setup, and automating the flow of manufacturing information.
• Amada Apelio II 357V Combination Laser / Punch capabilities
• Amada Pulsar LC2415A3 Production Laser System for precision cutting of stainless steel, cold roll steel and aluminum.
• A
mada LC-C7 NT Series LASER / Punch combination capabilities
Amada FOL-AJ Fiber-LASER Cutting system.


• HASS EC-500 Horizontal Machining Center
• HASS VF7 CNC Machining System
• Three HASS VF3ss CNC Machining System
• Hyundai SKT 160A CNC Turning center Lathe
• Hyundai VX500 Vertical Machining System mill
• Hyundai VX400 Vertical Machining System mill
• Milltronics Open Style Vertical Milling Center with 30” X 60” of travel.
• Hyundai SKT 15 CNC Turning Center.
• Volumec VTS516 Tapping Machine
• 12” Harig Surface Grinder
• Super Mill with digital controls and power feed 
• Two Bridgeport mills
• CR Onsurd F122ES24 5-axis Extreme Single Table CNC Router
• Hyundai W/A SKT15 CNC turning center lathe

• 1 Wet Spray Open Face booth.
• 2 ovens - enhanced duty walk-in series EWN-820-8G - 20’ x 12’  &  12’ x 10’
• 2 Powder coating  booth 20’ x 12’ - Recover system model PNR-2088
• MSP 3140 Silk screening equipment
• Iron Phosphate pretreatment - spray system.

•Amada 357 Queen 56 Station CNC turret punch press with two auto index stations, complete with FANUC Amada 04PC controls
•Amada 358 Vipros King 58 Station turret punch press with two auto index stations, complete with FANUC 04PC controls
•Amada SPH 30 with digital controls
•Amada TOGU III tool sharpener
•Two Amada autoloaders, MP1212 & MP1225NJ

2 fully equipped enclosed & climate controlled inspection rooms.
· 8 ft. Portable CMM Platinum Faro Arm.
· 12ft. Portable CMM Prime Faro Arm.
· Mitutoyo Optical Comparator model: PH - A14.
· Surface Plates: A variety of plates up to 48” x 96”
· TR-200 Surface Roughness Tester.
· Mitutoyo SJ-411 Surface Roughness Tester.
· Discuss FAI Generation Software.
· UV-A/blcklights & brightlights & digital light tester.
· QCBD Quality Management System online database.
· Various Hand Tools (Calipers, Gauge Block Sets, Thread Gauges, Mics, Protractors, etc.)
· Phosphate Coating Thickness Lab with Mettler-Toledo MS Series precision scale & Scilogex MS-H280-Pro heated stirrer.
· Virtek LaserQC 2D & 3D Optical Inspection System with SPC Software.
· CMM Brown & Sharp Microval with separate offline and online PC-DMIS programming capability.
· All inspection equipment is linked to 1factory Process Capability & SPC data collection & real-time reporting.
· Datapaq Esaytrack2 and Omega 12 channel temperature profiling equipment.
· Konica-Minolta CM2600-D spherical Spectrometer with On color Software & 555 Shade Sorting.
· Micro-TRI-gloss 20°, 60° & 80°-Fe/NFe combo Gloss meter/Paint Thickness Tester.
· Positector 6000 FNS-1 Coating Thickness Tester.       
· 4, fully equipped cleanrooms (Class 100, 1000, 10,000 / ISO 5, 6, 7) with Lighthouse Particle Monitoring System.
· Agilent MD30 VS Series Vacuum Leak Detector with dry scroll pump.
· Various borescopes & microscopes with camera systems.

• Amada M2045 CNC Six ft. Shear 3/16 Capacity
• Digital/Computer Controlled Amada eight inch Corner Notcher with Inside Notcher

• 900 sq. ft. clean room packaging area
• 10,000 sq. ft. kitting & packaging area

• Fourteen 250 AMP Miller TIG welders
• One 250 AMP Lincoln TIG welder
• Eight 200 AMP Miller MIG welders
• One 250 AMP Cobramatic 260 MIG Alum Welder
• One 50 AMP ACME Spot welder
• One Amada 500 AMP aluminum spot welder
• One Millermatic 350P Aluminum
• One Syncrowave 350 LX TIG
• One Yaskawa Motoman VA 1400 robotic welder with
   Miller Auto Access 300DI