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•4' Grainer  GPMC6158-5
•Grain sander  UR-2137
•Surface grinder  GSG6125
•Tumbler  TC3614 F
Facility List
•2000 Dodge Durango
•2001 Ford F250 Econoline Van
•2001 Ford F250 Econoline Van
•2004 GMC 350 Box Truck
•Cargo Van Econoline E-250
•Clark Fork Lift CGC30
•Daewoo G30E-3
•Diesel Truck 1996 F-800/1060/12CYL
•Ford F800 1060
•Amada 357 Queen 56 Station CNC turret punch press with two auto index stations, complete with FANUC Amada 04PC controls
•Amada 358 Vipros King 58 Station turret punch press with two auto index stations, complete with FANUC 04PC controls
•Amada SPH 30 with digital controls
•Amada TOGU III tool sharpener
•Sato Seiko SRL-35 30 ton punch press
•Two Amada autoloaders, MP1212 & MP1225NJ
•Bridgeport vertical mill model: 12202
•Bridgeport vertical mill model: 12202
•HAAS CNC Lathe ST-20-E
•HAAS CNC Machine center  VF-4-B
•HAAS CNC Machine center  VF-4-C
•HAAS CNC Machine center  VF-4-D
•HAAS Tool room  TM-2
•Surface grinder  GSG6125
•Tool mill  TM-2-A
Coating thickness (FE & NFE)  1500
Dynafile  11000
Faro arm platinum
Gloss meter (60 DEG)
Granite surface plate
Spectrophotometer  CM-2600D
Standard - Surface roughness tester
Surface roughness tester  TR100
Virtek laser  QC 1DS
•Amada FAB III-8025 Brake press
•Amada RG-100 Brake press
•Amada RG-100 Brake press
•Amada RG-100 Brake press
•Amada RG-50 Brake press
•Amada RG-50 Brake press
•Amada RG-80 Brake press
•Haeger Pnumatic pem setter model:  824-16
Amada laser 1212 FANUC AF 2000C
Amada laser AF4000E F03015NT
Amada plasma laser LC121243
Mitsubishi laser ML-3015-LZP
Spectrum plasma cutter 2050
•Mig welder 250DX
•Miller 250DX Syncrowave TIG welder - Integrated Integrated Cooler
•Miller 250DX Syncrowave TIG welder - -Integrated Cool TIG Cooled
•Miller 351 Syncrowave TIG welder
•Miller syncrowave TIG welder
•Miller TIG welder syncrowave 350LX
•Spot welder ID40ST
•Syncrowave welder 351
•TIG welder 250DX syncrowave

•Oven 8PD48934T309B P
•Paint station 1 Powder booth PB807NR
•Paint station 2 Powder booth  PB807NR
•Paint station 3 Wet coat  PB807NR
•Spray booth IDB-188
•Wisconsin oven  EWN--812-8G
•Amada PEGA 345 Turret punch