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Our quality policy is to continually improve customer satisfaction!
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It Begins with a Commitment to Quality…

Manufacturing high-quality parts and assemblies begins with the customer in mind.

At Cortec Precision, it's about getting everything right for our customers from the way we offer innovative design services, efficiently structure and manufacture our customers parts … all the way through the end-users experience.

Over the past years, Cortec Precision has made significant improvements in quality, on time delivery and cost, and is now considered to be among the best in the industry. But we aren't standing still. We're continuing to drive a quality focus deeper into the company, across all disciplines - from Engineering, to Process Control, to Manufacturing, to Sales and Customer Service. It is an enterprise-wide approach to quality where every employee plays a role.

Certified to the ISO9001:2008 quality standard, Cortec Precision adds peace of mind to its extensive list of customer solutions. By implementing 5S, Lean Manufacturing best practices and quick-turn services, Cortec offers a truly responsive environment that can effectively support even the most dynamic customer requirements. All levels within Cortec support our dedication to quality, and our continuous improvement initiatives continue to result in higher levels of quality for our customers.

Michael Axton
Quality Director, Corporate Headquarters, San Jose